Our coaches and owners have experience working with athletes of all ages, adults, and anyone who wants to train to their next level, Anyone that comes through our doors can become a better version of themselves with our coaching staff. The attention to detail provided to our members is much more specific than our competitors. We are excited to get to know each member, their training goals, and how we can help them achieve that. Not only is our gym a place to train and better our members, it is also a place with a positive attitude and a friendly environment. We intend to create a social connection for friends and family to feel welcome and a part of our two families. Our facility will always stand by strong ethical and moral values. Our clients are members of our family, and we will do everything we can to ensure you have a quality experience with every visit.

Trevor Gillum

Director of Performance Exercise Science - Illinois State University CFSC FMS - Lv1

Coach Trevor has been involved in coaching athletes since 2011. He dedicated his career to helping them achieve their goals. He started with being an assistant swim coach for his hometown summer/winter club team. After graduating from ISU in the Exercise Science program in 2016, he continued his education at The Speed School Internship and completed the study of Strength & Conditioning. Once finished shortly, he then became the Director of Performance. Now, he’s designing programs for all levels and coaching the High School and Collegiate level athletes.

Joe Giustino

Kinesiology - Northern Illinois University
NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
NATA Certified Athletic Traine

Joe Giustino, born and raised in Marquette Park, Illinois, has over 20 years of coaching and fitness education experience. The words "sacrifice" and "hard work" are no stranger to him. He has dedicated himself to the education, motivation, and improved performance of all his athletes. Athletes don't just play an organized sport—they are anyone with a will to compete, against themselves or the competition. Coach Joe's goal at The Speed School is to have a positive impact to improve lives.
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"Great environment, good energy, and good old fashion hard work!"