It’s been said, “You can’t shoot a cannon , out of a canoe.” No power can be produced efficiently without having a great Core to ignite the force that needs to be transferred to a solid and stable base to react from. When we have a faulty base in any area of our life, all our thoughts, emotions and actions are subject to compromise. I don’t know about you, but a life full of Inconsistency and non-commitment, only robs us of our freedoms. The freedom to aspire, grow and succeed is chronically delayed or impeded because of the lack of conviction in our beliefs. We become volatile, distant and unmotivated to stay strong to our sense of self and dignity. We find ourselves wandering, with no purpose. No vision or goals to fight for. Doubt and procrastination are easy fall backs to our lack of action. Creativity and inspiration take a back seat to mundane rituals of eat, sleep and work. Nothing more. Our freedoms were built on the concept of “MORE.” More from ourselves and those around us. To become exactly what we have always wanted to BE, and to operate as close to possible, within that identity. Nothing can be accomplished without DISCIPLINE. It is the mortar than cements the past , present and future of our existence. Pay close attention to what’s the most important to you. Act daily to support and improve those qualities. Engage deeply and often that you are worthy of accomplishing all that you wish to expand to. Finally, always be yourself, no matter who doesn’t except or approve. Sober yourself of the other people’s opinion addiction.
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