Anthony Holubecki

I started playing baseball when I was about 5 years old, my dad was a huge baseball fan and I suppose that I fell into that lifestyle as well. Throughout my youth baseball career, I was an average player, I played travel ball locally starting in 5th grade and continued that up until high school ball. I always aspired to play Division 1 baseball, but it was not always something that a guarantee for me like it is for a lot of people. I began training with Joe during my travel baseball career in 7th grade. I knew that I had to do something different in order to stand out from my peers and Speed School really allowed me to do that. The reason that I wanted to train with Joe was because I saw videos on the internet of how intense his workouts were with the best football players in the county. I was not looking for any shortcuts, and that is not what you get at the Speed School. You get real professionals who care about your development personally and athletically, and if you are willing to put in the work, they will bring out your full athletic potential. In 7th and 8th grade I started to jump a lot of my peers in terms of athleticism and that made me even more focused on my goals. Once I entered high school, I had been training at Speed School 3 times a week for over 2 years very consistently. Entering high school Speed School had made me stronger and tougher than all my classmates and that is when my career really started to blossom. I pitched for the Varsity baseball team at Kaneland High School my freshman year and never looked back from there. I had gone from throwing 75mph in travel ball to 86mph as a high school freshman. I would participate in school workouts but continued to train at Speed School 3 times a week. Joe and his staff are really focused on the combination of making you a great athlete but also catering to what you need to succeed in your individual sport. The training I did at Speed School had a massive impact on me being able to flourish on the mound and commit to the University of Notre Dame before my Sophomore baseball season. From ages 12-15 at the training at Speed School I had gained something like 35 pounds and went from squatting 100 pounds to 315 pounds.

After a successful Sophomore season that garnered me a lot of accolades, I decided to transfer to IMG academy in Florida to maximize my baseball potential even further. Much of the training we did there mirrored the things that we did at Speed School. The IMG experience was one I would not have been prepared for without my prior training. After my high school career, I went to the University of Notre Dame to continue my career, after my sophomore season there I decided I still had more strides to make in order to flourish in my draft year. I trained with Joe the summer before my junior season and once again made immense strides athletically and on the mound. I increased my lift maxes substantially and went from running the 60-yard dash in the 6.9 range to the very low 6s. That summer I trained at Speed School I also found I held my velocity better than I ever had. Sitting consistently in the low 90s and touching 94mph. A big part of my baseball success is owed to Speed School, and I would encourage anyone who is serious about making strides in their athletic career to train with Joe and the Speed School staff.
Olivia Martinelli

Hey Coach!

My experience has been great. Training has helped me start to care about my health not just physically but mentally and the staff has been nothing but kind and helpful.
Katie Neubauer

This is Katie Neubauer. I just saw your awesome new video on Facebook and wanted to reach out.

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Over the past 4 years (maybe more) I have REALLY let myself go in all areas. The past 4 years specifically, I let hardships in life really bring me down... instead of being able to get right back up, I stayed down there frozen for a while. I’ve really been trying to get to where I need to be mentally so that I can get better in every aspect of life. (Now that I moved to Tennessee, I have even started going to church!)

I wish I would have known earlier how much my mentality could/was holding me back. Aka.. I wish I would of listened to your words way sooner! Lol. Now that I have made those mental adjustments, I feel that I am making lifestyle changes that I can really get to stick this time. I’m so excited to keep getting better.

Each time I have experienced a small set back in this process, you are one of the first people that still come to mind, even after all of these years, and I immediately feel encouraged and unstoppable. I feel so fortunate that I was able to have you as a coach because you did not only make me physically stronger, but mentally.

Your mindset will always stick with me. I love the way you approach life. Your influence on me always meant so much as an athlete but it means even more to me now as an adult. Thank you for caring for me so much and wanting the best for me even if I did get side tracked and hold myself back. I’m so thankful I truly got to know you over all the hours we spent together. You always held me accountable, but more importantly, you made sure to encourage me throughout it all. Now years later, I feel like I can finally do it and hold myself accountable in a healthier way where I’m encouraging myself at the same time... thanks to you!

Everyone who crosses paths with you is so lucky.. as you are a lifelong influencer! You have truly taught me so much about life, and you still do thanks to the fond memories I have of my time spent with you and to your great posts! I hope one day my athletes can say the same about me. You have been impacting their lives without them even personally knowing you! They hear about you often. Thank you again! 🖤
Craig Kein

Always great seeing you coach, can't believe how great the shop is looking. So proud of everything you got going on. Thanks for the hat and I hope I see you soon. Love ya, Stay in touch!

I appriciate it coach! The only reason I got this far was from you and my dad teaching me how to work hard. Honestly Spending all those years has taught me more than coach to frien really shows how everything comes full circle. Glad I got to be a part in all of it, wouldn't trade it for anything. Give everyone my best and tell Trevor I say hey!
Carlee Jo Clark
I’ve been with this gym ever since I was in eight grade, now I am a sophomore in college playing softball at SIU. Joe and Trevor have helped shape me into the athlete that I am today. Both of them provide a positive, motivating atmosphere to reach your personal goals. The instructors at Core Fitness will push you to what you think is your breaking point, and help you learn that you still have a lot more in you. It’s more than a gym, it’s a place that strengthens your mentality all around. The family at Core Fitness has helped me throughout my life and athletic career and I cannot thank them enough. Love you guys! #SS4L
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Max Martin
I have been training at Core FSN for four years and can’t recommend it highly enough to any high school or college athletes trying to get to the next level in their sport. Joe, Trevor, and Brandon have helped me achieve baseball and athletic goals that I wouldn’t have had the tools to reach before training with them. They are always willing to work around injuries and personalize workouts for what aspects of my game I want to improve. Not only have they pushed me to be my best, but they truly care about me and all of the other athletes that come into their gym. Core FSN is a community where everyone wants to help you succeed, and if you are willing to put in the work you will see results.
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Michael Davis
​5 years ago, I started training at Speed school with Joe Guistino. At the time I was 13 years old looking for a competitive edge over other athletes. I even remember a picture that my dad had taken back when I was 14 of me pushing sleds. During that time there were a few flags and limited equipment. When I was 16 years old, I tried going to a place called get fast in St. Charles. The training was inconsistent, and the treadmills did not help me get any faster. I knew from there that the best training and the most knowledgeable coaches were at speed school. When I was 17 years old, I came back to speed school because I wanted to gain weight and get stronger. The first few times I did one on ones with Joe and my brother. After one of the sessions Joe talked to me about accountability and being responsible for yourself. After that conversation I knew I had to change my ways. A few weeks later I joined the high school class with Trevor. After working with Trevor for about two months I gained 30 pounds of muscle weight. I went from weighing 145 pounds to 175. On another note, in those 2 months of work I went from running a 7.5 60 down to 6.99. This just shows if you are willing to put in the work and the coaching is great like Trevor and Joes you can achieve any goal. ​During the Covid-19 pandemic many people were uncomfortable training inside. Coach Trevor made it a point to train my brother and I outside at the hill for a good two months. Again, this shows the dedication that Trevor and Joe have to their athletes. ​The now called Core FSN has helped me achieve my goal of playing baseball at the next level and has gave me numerous life lessons that have shaped who I am.
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Natalie Grubczak
Core fsn is a second home for anyone, and I mean anyone. Whether you're old or young, a collegiate athlete or have never lifted a weight before there will be a place to for you push yourself and grow. That is what I find so great about the coaches, they are ready to help anyone who is wanting and willing to put in the work to become better versions of themselves. Each coach has a different coaching style which I find so fascinating, if I need someone to push me hard and get all in my face (Coach Joe) they've got it, if I need a laugh and to keep my workout fun (Coach Trevor) they have it, and lastly if you need a coach to flash you a smile and lead with kindness (Coach Phil) they've got that too. I'm am so grateful to have found a gym that not only trains me as an athlete but also trains my character daily. Not only do the coaches care if I can run fast and lift heavy, they also care about me as a human and what's going on in real life outside of my sport, and that is what takes core fsn from just another gym to a home.
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