Coach and the Kid Podcast

Coach Joe and Andy are pleased to announce their new Podcast series, Coach and the Kid. Together, we plan to sit down and discuss all of the hard-hitting topics, struggles and controversy coaches face. By breaking down the barriers of the un-talkable topics, Joe and Andy hope to share their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on […]

Speed Matters: St. Ed’s Football 2020

With the season approaching, Core FSN spent their Sunday night helping out St. Edwards Football 🏈 The Core FSN team helped record each player’s bench, shuttle, and 20-yard sprint. The off-season is where winning teams are made, so it’s important to gain a baseline on your athletes to see the progression and success of their […]

Discipline Creates Freedom

It’s been said, “You can’t shoot a cannon , out of a canoe.” No power can be produced efficiently without having a great Core to ignite the force that needs to be transferred to a solid and stable base to react from. When we have a faulty base in any area of our life, all […]